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ADSL (naked ADSL) Broadband Services

ADSL Broadband Services

Our Technicians have Open cabling licences and can provide connections, cabling, sockets for ADSL Broadband Services to modem and/or computer networks for Residential and Business.   Additionally can provide fault finding and repairs to poor internet connections within the building and assistance with external ADSL problems. ADSL 2+ Filter for Security Alarm System includes cable wiring to security system equipment to avoid interference with the ADSL broadband on the premise. Wiring and all repairs to Mode 3-611 security alarm socket is available on request. ADSL socket relocation involves cable wiring to the location required to improve wireless connection. Internal customer cabling includes rewiring internal cables to the required sockets connected to the ADSL broadband. ADSL 2+ Central Filter includes installation of filter from the lead-in cable to the device and modem to separate internet broadband and analogue phone line to avoid internet drop out when phone line is in use and improve the internet connection.  For further information about these services please contact us on 0431 974 012 or 07 3288 1570.