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Q: My company is moving into a new office, how do I get the phones and computers to work?

A: If no connections are functioning, we recommend one of our Technicians conduct an onsite visit to undertake a  full assessment of services and connections to ascertain if the problem is internal or external, then offer customised solutions to get your office up and running as quickly as possible.

Q: Our office is expanding and needs more work stations – what options do I have?

A: With expansion comes the need for more computer and phone connections. There are a number of options available. To assist you in choosing the correct solution for your business needs, Chad’s Communication Services can provide a free quote and advice to offer an effective outcome for your present and future needs.

Q: I can’t connect to the internet using wireless?

A: Poor wireless reception or interference can limit your access to wireless internet. To improve your connectivity one possible solution is to provide a computer cable form the modem to the computer which will allow you faster and more reliable internet connection. There are a number of solutions available to you so please contact our office for a solution which best suits your needs.

Q: Why is my TV getting poor reception?

A: Poor reception may be due to a poor connection or aging coax cables. An effective solution would be to have your TV antenna and cabling tested for faults by a qualified Technician and if necessary replaced them to improve your TV reception to a quality picture.

Q: I can’t download movies on my wireless modem – why?

A: Your wireless internet speed may not be sufficient to download large internet files – i.e. movies. A reliable way to increase your internet speed is to install computer cabling from your modem to the device required. For an obligation free quote please contact our office.