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Repair and Fault Technician Services

  • Phone and fax cable and sockets
  • Computer cable and sockets
  • Phone systems sockets
  • EFTPOS sockets
  • ADSL Broadband socket
  • Recommend customised solutions to suit customer needs

TV Antenna Services

  • Supply and install new TV antenna for the greater Brisbane Metropolitan Area
  • Assess and repair poor TV reception
  • Supply and install Mask Head amplifier / booster
  • Additional TV point/s
  • Coax cabling for TV point/s
  • Supply and installation of splitters for multiple TV points
  • MATV installation and design e.g. hotel/motel TV network

Telephone / Computer points/ IP (Internet Protocol) Phones

Installation of additional telephone or computer points includes cabling from modem router to required location for improved stability of internet connection.

IP Phone installation includes cabling from modem router to IP Phone location.

Conference Phone includes supply and installation of loud speaking telephone for conference calling.

MDF (Main Distribution Frame) & IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) Upgrade

When lead-in cable is upgraded on the premises MDF and/or IDF need to be upgraded to the new cable capacity. This upgrading service includes changing the existing phone and/or data line over to the new cable and reconnecting ports to their correct locations. Also includes updates to current records of lines that have been migrated to the new lead-in cable and repairs and fault findings to MDF/IDF.

Block Cabling for Commercial & Industrial (Units or Building)

New or existing premises which require structured cabling installation for phone and computer connections can be provided as a LAN (local area network) or WAN (Wide area network) connection as required. This service includes assessment, design and recommendations for customer cabling needs and offers service support post installation and maintenance as required.

 Exchange Line Services

Our Technicians are able to arrange ISDN (digital exchange line) or PSTN (analogue exchange line) or Fibre Optics Cable via your carrier to a new premises or location.

For further information about these services please contact us on 0431 974 012 or 07 3288 1570.