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Phone System Services

Phone System Services
Our Phone System Services include supply and installation of a wide range of digital, analogue and Cloud PBX phone systems to suit the communication needs of you company whether it be 2 to over 100 handsets in addition to offering ongoing service maintenance, repairs and support.

ADSL Broadband for phone systems includes supply and installation of ADSL socket for internet connection to the LAN (local area network) for home or business use.

ADSL and Broadband Service support includes assessment of the internet speed and provides a cutsomised solution to resolve internal wiring in the premises.

Sales includes installation, service support and maintenance of a wide variety of digital, analogue, Cloud PBX IP phone systems. (Conditions apply)

New Phone System with manufactures warranty, includes installation, maintenance and ongoing service support.

Refurbish and Second-hand Phone Systems includes installation, maintenance and ongoing support with Applicable Warranty.

Relocation of your Phone System includes relocating phone system and phone equipment from old premises to new premises, pre-cabling new premises for all phone, fax, printer, ADSL, EFTPOS and computer equipment.

Redirection of your phone number includes arranging redirection of your old or current number to the new number with your phone carrier.

Additional points provides extra phone or data sockets for workstations, fax and EFTPOS for business and residential premises.

Message on Hold (MOH) includes providing additional socket to allow message on hold for a phone systems and program phone systems as required.

PA Amplifier includes supply and installation of public address system with speakers for paging in addition to ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Telephone System Training specialising in Commander Phone Systems. Please enquiry for further information.

Loud Telephone Ringer and Visual Alarms for use in large workspaces or warehouses, includes supply and installation of the ringer or, to boost audio levels and visual indication of incoming ring.

Headsets for office phones includes supply and installation of wireless and corded headsets to allow the user to answer calls while away from their workstation.

For further information about these services please contact us on 0431 974 012 or 07 3288 1570.